Monday, March 15, 2010


About 3 more months to go before our wedding! We are truly almost done with the details... We have close to 50 person entourage! The more the merrier they say..and I agree.

Here I unfold some of the details:

Our engagement shots done twice... we did switch photographers since our friends came in the picture. The first shots were done by stephen taylor's photographer: Arthur and the second is done by MPW's owner, Glenn. Wendy Baker also made my bracelet for the second engagement shots! Love love love her floral designs and I've asked her if she could make me a blue one for this event. 

As for the whole entourage, I made all their jewelries! below are just quick shots of the pendant for our bridesmaids and second sponsors. Our color theme is Blue- somewhere between Royal and Cobalt. Our flowers will be blue and pink... now now.. those who know me, would know that pink is not my absolute favorite but i am not closed to colors.. and the color pink does pop the color blue well!

In the luck of events, the necklace I will be wearing at the wedding, is also selected for the Bead and Button Magazine! I've been getting requests for the pattern but I quite honestly do not have one. My deep thanks also to Mrs. Beverly Gilbert Ash for helping me select the colors for my necklace and mom's and for teaching me beading. I am forever indebted. 

This all for now.. but I'll keep you posted!