Saturday, February 18, 2012

Quest: Revere Academy

In my quest to become a better jewelry designer and fabricator, I've signed myself up for a professional training at the Revere Academy. I was told by Harold O'Connor that this is one of the best jewelry schools to learn from inside the United States. All good schools he recommended is in Europe that is a bit hard for me to go to with a full time job and limited funds.

Going to Revere Academy, I signed myself up to several classes for which I am pleased to have learned more technique. In the first few hours, i struggled to work an oxy-propane torch as I am so used to using acetylene in my studio but ones I've got it down I was to complete the first phase assignment of chain bracelet fabrication. This repetitive motion from the chain project taught me better soldering skills. The second phase was pain and pleasure. We had tight time constraints but was given freedom to fabricate our own designs after a technique taught.I also learned pave setting, flush setting and more within my stay.

Here's the my ring design:

Its not all business now, my husband followed me in San Francisco and together we went to Alcatraz and had a private tour at the Science Center. I even managed to get a haircut thanks to Uncle Frank Sunga.   

For the not so fun part, my husband had to go home before me. He had prior commitment with some patients that he couldn't stay for valentines day. I couldn't go home with him either since I've got to finish what I signed up to do. My husband did send flowers on the day though =)

I will end this blog here... but the quest continues.