Sunday, December 23, 2012

Last Blog in 2012

This may very well be my last blog for 2012. With the many unfortunate events during the year, there's also just as many to be thankful for (maybe even more.) First and foremost being that we all live to see another day despite the December 21st doomsday prediction. We are all given another chance  to change our course of life if we wanted to. With this chance, i hope we all choose well and be happy without causing misfortune or pain to others.

For me, personally, I am thankful for God's undying love even with all my short-comings, for family and friends who never left my side during the worst of times, for all the pain and life altering events of 2012 that taught me a few lessons in life, for a career in art that although it wasn't what I got my Bachelor's in, I am still given a chance to find it.

I am also thankful for the editors of magazines that published my work like this one here from Belle Armoire Jewelry (should be in Barnes and Nobles stores now.) They have given me the affirmation that i am meant to do this.

With the many thanks, comes the New Year's resolution. Many of my actual resolutions are too personal to share.The non-personal includes: Focusing on my designs. Not many know, but I am restructuring my website and designs to sell. I am transitioning to fine jewelry with the least being sterling silver and most at 18k gold (24k on select bezels.) My aim was to launch in January but this may be delayed a bit. With this restructure, I am selling out my one of a kind pieces on etsy:  

There's maybe another 30 pieces I have to load on the store... It isn't easy letting go but something that must be done.

Another resolution is blogging more this 2013. Finding time is always a challenge but possible. I just need to try harder is all. I afterall have committed myseld to Bluemoon Beads. This said, here are my two pieces from the December Box.

I have to end this blog here... I am turning 29 tomorrow and there's still a lot to be done!

Have a happy holidays everyone!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Blue Moon November 2012

As I return home in New Jersey from my New York City month adventure, a package awaits for me... Yes, indeed it was from blue moon beads! I am humbled to have been chosen as part of this team for the year 2012-2013. So I say, let the projects start rolling as the beads begin to take shape of each jewelry.

 For my first task, I made a necklace and a bracelet pairing which I am calling "Harmony in Chaos." The road of life swerved to a rather rocky direction. Just when i thought it was bumpy in the course, a hurricane came and the chaos has risen from bottom, up! With all the craziness, i somehow found harmony of it all, in knowing that there is a purpose to everything that happens. There is a bigger picture that is sometimes difficult to see when you are looking too closely. So I opted to step back and let it all unfold knowing the dust will settle and tomorrow will be brighter.

As with the two pieces created; I've taken different colors, shapes, sizes of each bead from the yummy mixes I've received in the mail, I've then added components and to make things more chaotic, I've added chains too (why not at this point right?!?)
Slowly but surely each bead, each component and each strand of chain found its rightful place... then harmony soon followed.   


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Emerging Artist Submission

Hello Everyone,

Sorry for not updating in a long while. There has just been a few rough edges i had to smooth out, file down in the past few months. With all the craze, I did however still manage to finish the pieces below that I've submitted in the Emerging Artist Constest. Wish me luck!!!

In life, there are memories that we choose to bury in our hearts and minds. Each memory tied to an item, a feeling, a color that can take us back to the forgotten past. This geometric art collection is a window to memories buried deep in the abyss of time but came rushing in to be re-captured in my sketch book. From Lava Lamp pieces, Geo Orbit necklace, Lucky 8 rings and the Abacus pendant, each connected to life events. The materials are thoughtfully chosen, sculpted and colorized on the lava lamp pieces to best represent the image in mind. The movement on Geo Orbit necklace and lucky 8 rings carefully planned to represents the need of flexibility in this ever changing world as “change” is the only constant in life. The shape and movement of the abacus restored from memory. I believed to never look back to move forward but this collection has taught me otherwise. The past should never be forgotten, instead be used as a learning experience.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Property Virgins: Mary and Efi

If you think it is a shot to the moon to be on a show such as Property Virgins. Think again. We thought it would be impossible but I guess nothing is ever impossible.

One year into marriage, Efi and I decided to buy a property as we are paying so much into rent. I contacted property virgins, an HGTV show to inquire about possibly appearing in the show while in process of purchasing a home. The show responded to my surprise, the rest is history.

The show first aired in January 2012 and still airs in reruns to date. The next scheduled date is May 8, 2012 at 6:30pm. Property Virgins: As Luck Would Have It featuring Ms. Egypt Sherrod.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Quest: Revere Academy

In my quest to become a better jewelry designer and fabricator, I've signed myself up for a professional training at the Revere Academy. I was told by Harold O'Connor that this is one of the best jewelry schools to learn from inside the United States. All good schools he recommended is in Europe that is a bit hard for me to go to with a full time job and limited funds.

Going to Revere Academy, I signed myself up to several classes for which I am pleased to have learned more technique. In the first few hours, i struggled to work an oxy-propane torch as I am so used to using acetylene in my studio but ones I've got it down I was to complete the first phase assignment of chain bracelet fabrication. This repetitive motion from the chain project taught me better soldering skills. The second phase was pain and pleasure. We had tight time constraints but was given freedom to fabricate our own designs after a technique taught.I also learned pave setting, flush setting and more within my stay.

Here's the my ring design:

Its not all business now, my husband followed me in San Francisco and together we went to Alcatraz and had a private tour at the Science Center. I even managed to get a haircut thanks to Uncle Frank Sunga.   

For the not so fun part, my husband had to go home before me. He had prior commitment with some patients that he couldn't stay for valentines day. I couldn't go home with him either since I've got to finish what I signed up to do. My husband did send flowers on the day though =)

I will end this blog here... but the quest continues.