Sunday, November 18, 2012

Blue Moon November 2012

As I return home in New Jersey from my New York City month adventure, a package awaits for me... Yes, indeed it was from blue moon beads! I am humbled to have been chosen as part of this team for the year 2012-2013. So I say, let the projects start rolling as the beads begin to take shape of each jewelry.

 For my first task, I made a necklace and a bracelet pairing which I am calling "Harmony in Chaos." The road of life swerved to a rather rocky direction. Just when i thought it was bumpy in the course, a hurricane came and the chaos has risen from bottom, up! With all the craziness, i somehow found harmony of it all, in knowing that there is a purpose to everything that happens. There is a bigger picture that is sometimes difficult to see when you are looking too closely. So I opted to step back and let it all unfold knowing the dust will settle and tomorrow will be brighter.

As with the two pieces created; I've taken different colors, shapes, sizes of each bead from the yummy mixes I've received in the mail, I've then added components and to make things more chaotic, I've added chains too (why not at this point right?!?)
Slowly but surely each bead, each component and each strand of chain found its rightful place... then harmony soon followed.   



  1. These are such beautiful pieces - great colour and balance in all of your work. Proud to be beside you on the BMB Team x