Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Emerging Artist Submission

Hello Everyone,

Sorry for not updating in a long while. There has just been a few rough edges i had to smooth out, file down in the past few months. With all the craze, I did however still manage to finish the pieces below that I've submitted in the Emerging Artist Constest. Wish me luck!!!

In life, there are memories that we choose to bury in our hearts and minds. Each memory tied to an item, a feeling, a color that can take us back to the forgotten past. This geometric art collection is a window to memories buried deep in the abyss of time but came rushing in to be re-captured in my sketch book. From Lava Lamp pieces, Geo Orbit necklace, Lucky 8 rings and the Abacus pendant, each connected to life events. The materials are thoughtfully chosen, sculpted and colorized on the lava lamp pieces to best represent the image in mind. The movement on Geo Orbit necklace and lucky 8 rings carefully planned to represents the need of flexibility in this ever changing world as “change” is the only constant in life. The shape and movement of the abacus restored from memory. I believed to never look back to move forward but this collection has taught me otherwise. The past should never be forgotten, instead be used as a learning experience.

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