Sunday, September 18, 2011

Michaels Managers Meeting

What is a Michaels Managers Meeting? In the most simple answer, it is an event where michaels vendors gather in one location and the michaels "managers" go around getting to know vendors and the products they offer that is currently offered in stores. Is it a selling event? not so much i think but it is essential.

For this year, bow made the booth from scratch wood. I then made the jewelries and chandeliers for the show. I was asked to do a demo of "dapping" at the show. Bow did all the work for the set up. I was originally planning to fly in earlier so I could do the last minute fixes on the chandeliers from the displacement that could have occurred with shipping but the storm kept me in New Jersey for the opening day. None the less, I was able to follow for the second and third days. 

It's an interesting experience, its always great hearing many other people's point of view with products and designs. 

Pictures from the meeting: